20 June 2022 – In this second journal, UIA Expert Simon Chignard highlights the launch of the beta version of the platform and the six projects currently developing public-interested applications and services thanks to Rudi. This journal also includes a detailed analysis of the main challenges faced … Read more

09 Nov. 2021 – Rudi aims to develop a platform for local data exchange. The project is now entering a new phase, represented by a call for projects to reuse data shared in the framework of the Rudi project… Read more

07 June 2021 – How to facilitate data sharing at the local level? What kind of organisations and rules should we put in place to ensure trust among the participants? How could we involve a broad range of stakeholders in defining these rules?… Read more

28 Jan. 2021 – An innovative project rarely comes out of the blue, and Rudi makes no exception. The project is based on almost ten years of experimentation on local data governance. This second blog post by UIA Expert Simon Chignard goes back… Read more

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